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Tenants Fees

Important information about our fees:

To reserve a property, you will be required to pay a non-refundable holding deposit of £400.00. The holding deposit is not an extra cost. By paying the holding deposit you are reserving the property and allowing us to take the property off the market. Full details are contained within our Holding Deposit Receipt which you can view by clicking here.

At the start of the tenancy you will be liable for a combination of the following fees depending on the number of tenants and the type of property. This will be explained to you before you pay your holding deposit.

Possible fees payable at the commencement of a Tenancy

Agency Fee per Room including references fee Payable when letting a room or

£210.00 inc. VAT (£175.00 + VAT)

Agency Fee per Single Occupant Payable when letting an apartment or house or

£300.00 inc. VAT (£250.00 + VAT)

Agency Fee per Couple Payable when letting an apartment or House or

£420.00 inc. VAT (£350.00 + VAT)

Agency Fee per Sharer each (minimum of three) Payable when letting an apartment or house or

£216.00 inc. VAT (£180.00 + VAT)

Agency Fee per Company Let Payable when a company lets a property

£480.00 inc. VAT (£400.00 + VAT)

References Fee per property if not included above Payable per property irrespective of the number of tenants

£96.00 inc. VAT (£80.00 + VAT)

Agency fee for Housing Benefit tenancies Additional fee payable for processing Housing benefit apps.

£120.00 inc VAT (£100.00 + VAT)

Agency Fee per Guarantor Payable in addition to any of the above fees if a Guarantor is required

£120.00 inc. VAT (£100.00 + VAT)

Fee per Pet clause Payable per pet with permission to be allowed in the property

£72.00 inc. VAT (£60.00 + VAT)

Visa Checking Fee if overseas national Payable per Visa checked

£120.00 inc. VAT (£100.00 + VAT)

Changing a tenancy commencement date Payable on requesting a change of tenancy start date after an initial tenancy start date has been agreed.

£157.50 inc VAT (£131.25 + VAT)

What is the Agency Fee?

This fee includes but is not limited to, the tenancy agreement preparation, the issue of the how to rent documentation, EPC and gas cert, the prescribed information and any other associated documentation as required that does not incur an additional fee as detailed. It also includes any negotiation with the landlord if required together with any viewings which may have been carried out prior to your decision to reserve a property.

Possible Fees payable during and at the end of a tenancy

Renewal of tenancy at end of contract term Payable per property to renew or extend the tenancy

£96.00 inc. VAT (£80.00 + VAT)

Amendment to existing contract To amend an existing contract

£96.00 inc. VAT (£80.00 + VAT)

Tenancy End fee payable at the end of tenancy Administration fee payable to conclude the tenancy

£96.00 inc. VAT (£80.00 + VAT)

Permit parking referral letter Fee Payable should confirmation of the tenancy be required

£60 inc VAT (£50.00 + VAT)

Withdrawal of notice fee Having given written notice to vacate a property you change your mind and wish to remain. Only possible if a property has not been re-let

£480.00 inc VAT (£400.00 + VAT)

Breach of contract fee for early termination Payable should you wish to terminate your tenancy prior to the end of the tenancy term. On paying the breach fee the property will be re-marketed with the aim of sourcing a suitable replacement tenant. You will remain responsible for the full rental and utilities until such times as another tenancy commences. You will also remain responsible for the security of the property should it remain unoccupied. The breach fee is payable in advance.

£480.00 inc VAT (£400.00 +VAT)

Tenancy additional Clauses Writing additional clauses for a tenancy agreements (at tenant’s request), covering contract negotiations and amendments

£26.50 inc VAT (£20.08 + VAT)

Replacement tenant fee Payable for removing a current tenant from an existing AST and adding a new tenant including references

£360.00 inc VAT (£300.00 + VAT)

Refusing access for a property inspection

£52.50 inc VAT (£43.75 + VAT)

Producing letters regarding arrears.

£30.00 inc VAT (£25.00 +VAT)

Producing letters regarding breaches of your tenancy

£30.00 inc VAT (£25.00 + VAT)

Waiting at property with and for contractors per hour

£60.00 inc VAT (£50.00 + VAT)





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